POTS Line Surge Protectors

telephone line surge protector

POTS… stands for plain old telephone service. Its more frequently referred to as simply a phone line.

These are the familiar circuits/lines used by business and homes primarily for voice communication. This leads to the classification of voice grade.

However, data (fax), Internet and other types of communication/sensors scenarios are still using this technology today.

Even though the technology is considered somewhat outdated…it continues to be heavily used and is very reliable.

The reliability and reasonable cost of the plain old telephone service can be seen as an advantage over newer types of communication systems.

Plus...it’s more readily available in most areas.

Regardless of the use of this type of phone line, it is vulnerable to transient voltage activity and should be protected as it provides a direct pathway for serious and expensive equipment damage.

The primary culprit for damage is from lighting strikes.

The best option is to protect the telephone line at the entrance point of the building or home.

This will help prevent the power surge from moving beyond the point of demarcation within your structure. It's the best option for saving your business phone, home phone or other connected equipment from serious damage.

High Quality POTS Surge Protectors

Don't use just any protection equipment. If you want real results...use high quality high performance surge protector gear.

Our protection units are a series wired, parallel connected, hybrid design incorporating all-mode protection and utilize our Optimal Response Circuitry™ design.

All suppression circuits are encapsulated in our high dielectric compound. This assures long component life and complete protection from the environment and/or vibration.

Connection methods available include terminals strips and RJ11/14 jacks.

All high performance units are backed with our 25 Year No Hassle Warranty.

Use the best surge protection options and secure your POTS systems continued functionality backed with 30 years of experience and the industry's strongest warranty...

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telephone line surge protector

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