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Residential...or whole house surge protector gear has never been more important. The right units provide your entire electrical system and your equipment protection from both external and internal transient voltage damage.

In today's home, electronics are everywhere. Home theater systems televisions, video games, personal computers, laptops and appliances all have sensitive electronics. These are systems we have come to depend on.

Choose the gear your systems can depend on!

whole home surge protector

Aren't Surge Strips Enough Protection?

That depends on your perspective.

Do you really want to trust your...

...or...home receiver surge protectors...to plug-in surge strips alone?

Thousands of dollars invested in high tech entertainment equipment and it's being protected with a product that costs $15 - $55 on average?

What About Surge Strips With a Connected Equipment Protection Warranty?

Be careful...Read the connected equipment warranty very closely…and then read it again…very closely.

Surge strips are a great complimentary product to use down-line from whole house surge protector units (and are a good start), but as stand alone prevention...they're just not the best option.

A friend experienced a lightning strike hit on a power line a couple miles up the road from his home. When it was all said and done, he'd lost just about everything that was plugged-in…including plugged-in to surge strips.

The major equipment lost because of this lightning strike included his microwave, televisions, stove, washer-dryer, computer and stereo.

It doesn't have to be that way...

Take preventative measures with quality options. Don't leave your home electronics to just surge strips.

So What's The Best Whole House Surge Protector Option?

whole house surge protector

The right high quality high performance whole house surge protector gear should be installed on the service entrance power (main panel) providing your homes defense against large external surges entering your home.

In addition to external transient voltage protection, the same high quality high performance unit on the service panel will protect the electrical circuits from internally generated surges as well.

It's also important to remember that electrical and electronic products found within your home today are built to sell...not to last.

Protecting these products from unnecessary stress from external and internal transient voltage damage can help extend the life of the equipment and protect these investments.

The less electronic products you replace within your home because of unnecessary, preventable damage...the less headache and expenses you'll endure.

What About Phone, Cable or Satellite Lines?

By protecting ALL incoming lines at the service entrance location first you are protecting your entire homes equipment from external surges entering your system in the first place. Plus...you gain the added benefit of mitigating internally generated surges.

home surge protectors

Down-line from your home panel unit make sure you use a plug-in surge protector for added protection.

If you're looking for high quality high performance plug-in units...we have them as well.

Quality plug-in units add a critical second level of defense against any let-through voltage remaining from large external surges.

With at least two levels of defense you provide your home the best overall protection option.

Bottom Line...

Quality whole house surge suppressor gear will help protect your entire home system.

This includes the "other stuff" such as the oven, refrigerator-freezer, furnace, lights and microwave. In other words...your appliances.

Many people forget to take these home products into consideration for surge protection...until they take a major surge strike or fail prematurely.

Again...it doesn't have to be that way.

An average home with average appliances, tv's, computers, radios and other electrical gadgets can total over $15,000.00 in value. These electronics can be wiped out in an instant.

Surge protection should not be viewed as an option anymore. Don't make it an option. Protect your home investment.

Our design, features, safety and Warranty are second to none in the industry.

Be Safe. Surf the Internet Securely, Privately and Anonymously.

whole house surge protector

Use high quality high performance products and get real results.

Protect your Home Systems with quality whole house surge protector equipment...

Get the Right Gear!

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whole house surge protector

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