High Performance 100Mbps Surge Protector

Multiple, High Quality, High Performance, DIN Rail Mounted 100Mbps Surge Protectors. Don't be Fooled by Imitators. Get the Right Gear!DIN Rail Mounted 100Mbps Surge Protectors

High Performance 100Mbps surge protector devices protect high speed data transmission circuits and equipment from transient voltage activity between terminals and equipment in the data transmission and collection system.

Annually, damage caused by transient voltage over unprotected data lines costs commercial business, industrial entities, governments and homeowners hundreds of millions of dollars.

Protecting these valuable high speed data lines, communication equipment and systems is no longer just an option. In today's high tech world of sensitive electronics it's become a necessity.

However, the 100Mbps surge protector device needs to be the Right SPD placed in the Right Location to deliver the Right Results.

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100Mbps Surge Protector Versatility & Reliability

Our High Speed, 100 Mbps SPDs are designed for commercial, industrial, military and residential applications. The unique designs and options make these units some of the most versatile and reliable devices in the industry.

High Speed Data Protection Device Designs can include:

  • Optimal Response NetworkTM
  • Series Wired, Hybrid Design
  • 2/10/100Mbps
  • PoE-Cat6
  • UL497A, UL497B
  • Industry Lowest Let-Through Voltages
  • Dedicated All-Mode Protection Circuitry:  Normal (L-L) and Common (L-G)
  • Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage:  5, 7.5, 12, 24, 48, 57, 62, 140 and 200 Volts
  • Maximum Continuous Operating Current:  500mA, 1.5A and 5A
  • Connection Method:  Terminal Strips, Touch Safe Terminal Strips, Detachable Wire Clamps, RJ45 Modular
  • Wire Line Capacity Per SPD:  1 pair, 2 pair, 3 pair, 4 pair, 5 pair +
  • RJ45 Capacity Per SPD:  1, 3, 12, 24 (12/24 Rackmounts)
  • All 8-Pin Protection
  • Patented Encapsulation Technology
  • Sidactor Technology
  • DIN Mount, Mounting Feet
  • No Hassle Warranty

In addition, these High Speed Data SPDs deliver superior performance specs and warranty. For more information please contact us.

Get the Right High Speed 100Mbps Surge Protector

SPDs are NOT created equal. If you want the Right Results, you need the Right SPDs installed in the Right Location. We design, build and deliver the Right 100Mbps Surge Protectors.

Protecting against large transients, especially lighting generated events, robust, high speed, data surge suppressors with High kA Ratings, true All-Mode-Protection design and Circuit Encapsulation provide a distinct advantage over competing devices.

Our data SPDs are specifically designed for applications and protection needs of commercial, industrial and military data transfer/collection systems. Top of the line Data Units are High Quality, High Performance devices that deliver what others promise.

Data Surge Protectors backed with the industry leading 25 Year “No Hassle” Warranty.

High Performance Data Line Surge Protector Testimonial. Get the Right Gear!

The right High Quality, High Performance surge protector will properly address high speed data line equipment and system protection needs.

Don't settle for just any 100Mbps Surge Protector. Contact us today.

Our gear is... often imitated... but rarely duplicated...

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High Performance, High Speed Telco, Data Line and Transfer Systems Surge Protectors. 25 Year Warranty. Get the Right Gear!High Speed Telco, Data and Transfer System SPDs. Get the Right Gear!

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