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Surge Protection Insights, Issue #003 -- The Right SPD Newsletter!
November 08, 2023

21st Century SPD Technology requires protecting sensitive, microprocessor equipment from high intensity external surges (lightning, grid switching, system faults etc) and protecting against low level, much more frequent internal surge activity.

How does one properly protect critical systems that include safety locks, alarms, lighting, video cameras, medical modalities, ATS, Variable Frequency Drives, Fueling Pumps, Elevators, PLCs etc. from catastrophic damage and unnecessary wear and tear?

You apply the Right SPD at the Right Location.

SPDs are not the same. Average, mass produced, standard SPDs are everywhere. They are everywhere for a number of reasons (usually $) and are average for a number of reasons (usually 20th Century Technology).

Does this mean they don’t provide protection benefits? No. It means they are not as effective, as durable or as reliable as High Performance devices that deliver advanced protection technology.

Mass marketed, standard type SPDs primarily protect against a single, 20th Century surge type scenario. However, multiple surge types plague today’s electrical systems and electronic infrastructure.

Wouldn’t it make sense to apply 21st Century Technology to defend against 21st Century surge activity?

Below is an example of advanced technology providing superior 21st Century protection...

The difference in performance (protection) between the two technologies is apparent.

When protecting sensitive electronics in today’s world of multiple surge type environments, make sure to install the Right SPD in the Right Location to get the Right Results.

Get the Right Gear!

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