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Surge Protection Insights, Issue #002 -- The Right SPD Newsletter!
May 04, 2021

You can’t solve a 21st Century problem by applying a 20th Century solution. It’s the wrong tool. It’s the wrong technology. Applying 21st Century technology for 21st Century problems delivers the best results.

SPDs have different designs and different technologies. The key is having the right technology for the right application. Purchasing SPDs at big box stores, online or even from the general electrician can be hit and miss. SPDs can be applied and not deliver the right results. Intentions are good. It’s just the wrong tool. It’s the wrong technology for the application.

In today’s electrical environment, multiple surge types exist. This wasn’t always the case. Not too long ago surge activity concerns were generally from large, impulse type events (lighting, grid switches, system faults, motors etc). Systems and equipment were typically more robust and had less sophisticated electronics. This changed with advancements in and applications of microprocessor based systems.

In equipment, circuit and chip sizes decreased while the numbers of each increased. This improved speeds, functions and applications. Conversely, sensitivity to voltage and frequency surge activity also increased. Converting AC to DC via switch mode power supplies and rectifiers in automated systems create high levels of oscillating surges (Ring Waves).

Today, Ring Wave activity can surpass millions of surges per day. This can results in microprocessor system glitches, disrupts, timing issues and hard failure. This is costly in terms of repairs, replacements and downtime. This is common in 21st Century commercial and industrial electrical environments.

To best address Ring Wave activity you need the right SPD. A basic, mass produced SPD can be installed and working perfectly, yet damaging surges persist. How can that happen? It’s the wrong tool. It’s the wrong technology.

SPD technology was developed in the late 20th Century primarily to protect against large, impulse type surge events. These designs have their place today and are still relied upon. However, they have limited protection capability. For complex 21st Century applications, they’re just not the best protection option.

“There is no doubt in our minds that TVSS has a definite benefit, and now we understand it has to be the right product installed at the right location in order to have this benefit. Not just any TVSS unit will provide the results that we have seen from yours.”

You need 21st Century technology to address 21st Century problems. Do you have the right SPDs?

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