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Surge Protection Insights, Issue #001 -- The Right SPD Newsletter!
January 03, 2021

There are few areas in the power quality arena that seem to draw more discussion than surge protection and surge protective devices (SPDs).

If you search online for those terms you'll quickly become overwhelmed with data from numerous points of view.

Not surprisingly, this can cause general confusion and/or information overload as well as possible distrust in the value of SPDs.

SPDs need to have the appropriate technology and the appropriate application to be most effective.

You wouldn't use a hammer to cut a piece of wood. It's the wrong tool. It's the wrong technology.

Likewise, you shouldn't use 20th Century SPDs for 21st Century electrical infrastructure needs. They're the wrong tool. They're the wrong technology.

However, applications of 20th Century technology are often applied to protect 21st Century electrical infrastructure. The results, or lack thereof can drive much of the discussion and confusion over SPDs.

To address today's damaging transient voltage environment, you need the right tools. You need the right technology.

Advanced Products & Systems LLC delivers 21st Century Technology for 21st Century electronic and electrical infrastructure applications.

In our next installment we'll discuss 20th Century SPD Technology and why it's ineffective in many of today's electrical infrastructure applications. We'll also explain how the same 20th Century SPDs, when properly applied can be effective and can deliver protection value.

Until next time...

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