Monitor, PC, Printer, Router and
Modem Surge Protector Comparison Results

These are pictures of two of the three routers that were damaged during our historical comparison. There were two routers damaged that were the same model (Router 1). More info on them below...

Failed RouterRouter 1
Failed RouterRouter 2

Below are pictures of the actual plug-in suppressor units used in our example. These units were protecting the power side of a home network that included multiple electronic devices...

  • 2 computers
  • 2 monitors
  • 1 printer
  • 1 router

Each protector unit was in the field at some point during the five year span of our review.

Below are three different surge protection units displayed.

Two of the power surge protector units were replaced within an eighteen month period.

During the 18 month period: one monitor and 3 separate cable routers were damaged and had to be replaced. It wasn't until the 3rd surge protector unit was installed that the problems ceased.

During the 18 month span... there were no power outages, lightning strikes or other large electrical anomalies of note.

Without the presence of large surge events, it's reasonable to determine the damage to the equipment was caused by continuous internal transient voltage.

Internal transient voltage is the result of everyday electrical equipment operation within a facility or home.

It's also reasonable to determine that most of the internal transients were RingWave type surges. The first two surge protectors did not provide RingWave protective circuitry.

However, the second unit did provide EMI/RFI filtration circuitry. Some confuse EMI/RFI as being the same as high quality RingWave protective circuitry. This circuitry is referred to as Sinewave Tracking or Frequency Responsive CircuitryTM.

Do not be confused. They are not the same.

Only the third unit claimed and provided RingWave protection circuitry.

Equipment Type Damaged

The equipment lost do to damage over the 18 month period...

  • Compaq Presario Monitor
  • U.S. Robotics Broadband Router
  • U.S. Robotics Broadband Router
  • Linksys Broadband Router

Surge Protector Units

                                                                          Unit 1

Failed Plug-In Surge ProtectorUnit 1

This unit was the first power surge protector used to protect the electrical gear. Using this particular device... one monitor and one cable router had to be replaced. This was over a 6 month period.

Unit 2

Failed Plug-In Surge ProtectorUnit 2

This unit was the second power surge protector used to protect the electrical gear. Using this particular device two cable router units had to be replaced. This was over a 12 month period.

Unit 3

High Quality, High Performance Plug-In Surge ProtectorUnit 3. Still Fully Functioning after 10 Years

This unit was the third and final power surge protector used to protect the electronics. This particular device has been in service for 3.5 years. Update: Unit has been in service for 10 years.

No connected equipment has been replaced. Also, the annoying computer glitches or lock-ups that occasionally happen... have also been reduced to virtually zero.

Needless to say, this unit has been a great modem surge protector as well. Overall, the power surge protector has lived up to it's marketing for all connected equipment involved. So effective... I now have additional 6 receptacle-plug-in type units and a dual, portable/travel unit.

Comparison Results
SPD's Are Not The Same

The results of our in the field comparison leads to one conclusion.

All surge protectors are not created equal. They do not always perform as claimed... in the field... regardless of what marketing materials might state.

Again, all three units were marketed to protect electronics. Only one succeeded.

Another point that should be noted is the importance of understanding what types of surges are active in a particular environment. As noted previously, there are impulse type surges and RingWave type surges.

In an environment that produces both types of surges - surge protectors that protect against impulse and RingWave transients provide the best surge protector options.

The results of our historical comparison certainly make this case.

One should take into account the types of technologies, design functionality, quality and dependability of the surge protector units before purchase...

It doesn't matter if it's a whole home surge protector, industrial power surge protector, modem surge protector, cable router surge protector, data cable surge protector or a plug-in unit... there is no substitute for Quality and Performance.

Our gear is often imitated... but rarely duplicated... The Surge Stops Here.

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