Get The Gear! Buy Surge Protectors That Deliver Real Results!

We appreciate your desire to buy surge protectors that provide high quality and high performance.

Why are our prices not listed?

Each product is designed for your specific application.

We don't provide "commodity" products. We provide high quality and high performance.

This fact needs to be understood. Our products deliver what others promise.

Our gear is often imitated...but rarely duplicated.

You don't find these units on the shelf at your local retail store, in the local wholesale house or online on some discount site for a reason.

If you are expecting to find protection gear that will:

  • Actually perform as "advertised"
  • Be superior in design and materials
  • Operate as effectively for as long as ours do
  • Provide a 100% Legitimate Hassle Free Warranty...

And not expect to pay a fair price for it - we suggest you check elsewhere.

Each product is designed for your distinct application.

In order to provide the required product we need to verify the specifics for your particular application.

Please remember...

When you buy surge protectors from only need to purchase them once.

If our products fail at anytime during our 25 Year Warranty period they will be replaced with a completely new unit.

Even if the damaged to our units is lightning related.


How can you beat that?

*Order information and process*

Surge protector orders (or TVSS orders) through Advanced Products & Systems LLC from Surge Suppression IncorporatedĀ® are manufactured and built in the U.S.A.

Please allow an average of 14 days for delivery after order confirmation (lower 48 states).

We accept Credit Cards.

Qualified customers may be allowed 30 day net billing upon credit application approval (inquire here).

Short-Term Loans/Operating Capital available for Qualified business types (inquire here).

Shipping and handling per unit is not included. Upon order request, shipping and handling fees will be provided.

To proceed...please Contact us.

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"Not just any TVSS unit will provide the results we have seen from yours..."

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"The equipment...far exceeds what competitors have to offer..."

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