Quality Options Make the Best Surge Protectors Better

High Quality, High Performance Surge Protectors & Quality Options. Get the Right Gear!High Performance 3-Phase Surge Protectors

Make the Best Surge Protectors even better with High Quality Options and Accessories.

SPD designs without options or accessories can make SPDs a mass-produced commodity type product. This can limit flexibility, customization and choice. It’s almost a one size fits all fix to separate protection need scenarios.

Sometimes, a one size fits all works. However, many times it's not the best protection option. Usually, it's not really a one size fits all scenario to begin with.

Each protection scenario can be different from another. So each specified SPD should accommodate those differences for best protection practices.

Surge Protectors that provide options improve quality, performance and protection results. Quality design features and quality options can include, but are not limited to:

  • Protection Circuitry Type         Voltage Responsive, Frequency Responsive, EMI/RFI Filtration
  • Redundancy/Durability           Peak Surge Current Levels; 30kA - 900kA
  • Diagnostic Capability               LEDs, External LEDs, Alarms, Counters, Dry Relay Contacts
  • Enclosure Ratings                     NEMA 1, 4, 4X, 12 etc
  • Connection Methods               Parallel, Series, Kelvin, Hub, Terminal Connect, Wire Connect
  • Disconnects                               Internal/External
  • Installation                                 Mounting Feet, Mounting Pads, DIN Rail, Mounting Brackets
  • Fusing                                         Component Level, Over-Current, Medium Voltage Packages
  • Customization                           Applications, PPAs, Enclosures, Status Indication, Installation

Best Surge Protector Options: Flexible Customization

Options allow for customization. This allows for more attention to detail per individual equipment piece. Our SPD Customization approach doesn’t address equipment as a general group… aka... the one size fits all scenario. We address them individually. This results in a better overall protection design.

The best surge protectors and options/accessories for an individual AC panel at a facility may be:

The best surge protectors and options for a different AC panel within the same facility may not need mounting brackets. Other panels may not need Frequency Responsive Circuitryor external LEDs.

Again, individual equipment and system protection needs are not always the same. That is why we provided unique features and quality options for our SPDs that others don't.

We also offer customized, Pre-Packaged, individual circuit protection designs for multiple device types.

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Quality Design Features + Quality Options: Superior Protection

High Quality Surge Suppressor Options allow for easier installs, greater application flexibility and better performance. Make the Right Choice. Get the Right Gear!

The Right Results are delivered by using the Right SPD with the Right Options with the Right Installation. Attention to details for specific equipment or system needs results in the best protection designs.

Surge suppression is not a one size fits all scenario. SPD/TVSS are not the same nor do they perform the same.

Don't be fooled.

Changes to the National Electrical Code. Surge Protection Section. Click NEC Surge Protection Updates

High Quality, High Performance SPD inside a MCC. Exterior LED Status Option Included. Get the Right Options. Get the Right Gear!SPD inside MCC. Exterior LED Status Option Included

The Advantage Series Surge Protector

Quality options make the Best Surge Protectors even better. Our SPD options and accessories are designed for industrial, commercial, military and residential application needs.

Advantage® Series SPDs and options are High Quality and High Performance. Discrete All-Mode Protection, Optimal Response CircuitryTM with Multi-Stage-Hybrid Network designs create the most advanced Surge Protective Devices available. Contact us today.

Advantage® Series provide the industry's largest selection of options and leading 25 Year "No Hassle" Warranty.

Our gear is... often imitated... but rarely duplicated...

The Surge Stops HereTM

Get the Right Gear!TM

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High Quality, High Performance Surge Protective Devices for Commercial, Industrial, Military and Residential Applications. Get the Right Gear!High Quality High Performance SPDs. Get the Advantage Series. Get the Right Gear!

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