Dedicated Electrical Equipment
Surge Protection

Dedicated Electrical Equipment Surge Protector

Many times dedicated electrical equipment or circuits need to be protected individually to provide the best surge protector options. It's important not to overlook these scenarios or overlook the benefits to be gained.

The protection devices best able to mitigate damaging transients in these individual scenarios are our high quality high performance dedicated series units.

These series connected devices can be utilized within control cabinets or near the individual equipment or circuit requiring protection. When used in conjunction with our upstream protective devices, our units can provide the ultimate in individual and overall equipment protection.

Series units provide the following multiple benefits:

  • Directly isolate surge generating individual equipment or circuits from affecting other equipment.

  • Directly isolate individual equipment or circuits from other surge generating equipment. This is an excellent choice to protect expensive and sensitive VFD control circuits.
  • Perfect unit for completing IEEE's commercial facility recommended 3 Level Surge Protection System. For more information on IEEE's recommendation, Inquire about our Optimal Protection Network™ here and get the ultimate in system protection.

  • Built durable enough to be used at the 2nd level for tiered protection or even stand alone for sensitive electrical equipment if needed.

  • Versatile, compact size, easy to install and very, very effective.

Watch the video below to learn more about Dedicated Equipment Protection Units...

Dedicated Electrical Equipment
That Should Be Protected

Examples of equipment types needing proper surge protection.

surge protectorsRow of Individual Circuit Surge Protectors

All of our high performance dedicated equipment/circuit protection devices use a multi-stage hybrid network design with optional Frequency Responsive Circuitry (sometimes referred to as Sinewave Tracking circuitry).

All of the series unit surge protective devices are encapsulated to aid in resisting against corrosion, water, dust, weather and vibrations.

The series units have multiple configuration options. The surge protector units range from 24 Volts DC up to 240 Volts AC with amps options of 3, 5, 15, 20 and 30. Additional options include DIN rail mount and dry relay contacts.

All of the dedicated, series protection units are backed with our 25 Year "No Hassle" Warranty.

If you haven't already done so, please view our informational videos.

Remember, if you demand real results we have the gear you're looking for.

Keep your individual equipment or circuits protected with the best surge protector options that provide high quality and high performance.

These surge protection units provide the best surge protection designs available anywhere in the industry today...

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