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Note: Our SPD manufacturer (SSI) provides surge protector comparison testing via surge generator and industry standard surge test protocols to substantiate SPD performance. SSI has tested numerous competing SPDs at their CSA ANSI/UL 1449-2006 certified testing facility in Brooksville, FL as well as testing for attendees during IEEE accredited Continuing Education Courses/Seminars.

Course materials include SPD designs, protection modalities, surge environments, terminology and related subject matter. The course is open to engineers, building managers, executives, electricians, maintenance managers and the like. If interested in attending (or viewing online) a Transient Voltage/SPD seminar to learn more or to earn CEUs/PDHs click here. For examples of tested SPDs, click below.

Surge protector comparisons can be difficult, especially if discussing product literature or marketing claims vs real world application results. Product specification sheets are helpful if familiar with the product nomenclature. However, most readily available data is called "marketing material" for a reason.

Generally, SPD performance claims via marketing materials are difficult to validate without testing equipment to verify them. After all, performance is usually why one product is purchased over another isn't it? Furthermore, one usually expects the product to perform as advertised.

High Performance SPD vs. General Market SPD

Why choose High Quality, High Performance SPDs over General Marketplace SPDs?

High Quality, High performance SPDs offer:

  • Multiple Protective Technologies
  • Multiple Redundancies
  • Multiple Fusing Stages
  • Multiple Connection Capabilities
  • Multiple Disconnect Options
  • Multiple Enclosure Options
  • Multiple Status Notification Options
  • Encapsulation Technology
  • Solid State Designs: NO MOVING PARTS

These compact sized, solid-state constructed SPDs deliver:

  • Greater Quality
  • Greater Performance
  • Greater Protection
  • Greater Life-Cycle
  • Greater Warranty
  • Greater Value

High Quality, High Performance surge protectors deliver superior protection. These devices outperform the average commodity driven SPDs flooding today’s market place. To help support this position, the effectiveness of different SPD designs were observed in a simple comparison test.

Surge Protector Comparison: Plug-In SPDs

It doesn't matter if the SPD is a Type 1 or 2 panel application for industry, business, residential or the everyday direct connect plug-in surge protector.

Circuitry design, type of components and quality of components in SPDs are important. Many times, a number of these components may be similar. However, combining components, number of components and design methodology are typically quality and performance separation points.

Below is an example of three different outlet surge protectors that were used to protect the power side of a home office network. All three units use similar concepts and share some similar components to achieve protection.

This surge protector comparison demonstrates differences in SPD designs, SPD marketing claims and SPD performance. We didn't have a surge generator, so we applied a simple, straightforward method...

...Real World Application.

In The Field Application: SPD Real World Comparison

This comparison is termed in-use or Real World. Its the result of three different SPDs put to use over a 5 year time span.

The units in this surge protector comparison make similar protection claims. However, the claims and results were not similar during the time period. In two of the three cases a "protected" piece of equipment was damaged and failed.

All three Units Include:

  • 6 Outlets
  • 3-Foot Cord
  • 120 Volt/15 Amp Circuits

Basic Unit Marketing:

  • Unit 1: Surge Protector – Computer/Electronics Protection
  • Unit 2: 585 Joules; 36,000 Amp Maximum Spike Current; EMI/RFI Filtration; All Mode Protection
  • Unit 3: 60,000 Amp Peak Surge Current; Discrete All Mode Protection; Frequency Responsive CircuitryTM  (Enhanced SineWave Tracking).

Units Marketed For Electronics Protection:

  • Unit 1: Purchased from a Big Box Electronic Store
  • Unit 2: Purchased from a Computer Store
  • Unit 3: Purchased from the Manufacturer

Equipment Protected:

  • 1 Laser Printer
  • 2 PCs
  • 2 Monitors
  • 3 Routers (one at a time)

6 Outlet 2 Outlet Surge Protectors

Best Surge Protector Comparison Results

Effective and dependable surge protection is available in the marketplace. The trick however, is determining what effective and dependable actually means, comparatively speaking.

Types of components, quality and quantity of components and device design determine effectiveness. Again, this is true for Panel connected SPDs (Type 1-2), Data, Telecom and plug-in units (Type 3).

All surge protectors are not created equal. Although at times, marketing material and performance claims seem to take you in that direction. Some product marketing materials are accurate and others not so accurate. How the SPD functions in Real World Applications is what counts.

Remember: all three plug-in devices were marketed as providing Electronics Protection.

Real World Application plug-in power Surge Protector Comparison Results.

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