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Surge Protective Device (SPD) applications for Backup Generator equipment provide critical protection from the ever increasing dangers of surge related activity.

Transient Voltage is responsible for billions of dollars of equipment damage and downtime annually. Backup or Standby Generators are no exception.

Note: National Electrical Code 2014, Article 700.8 "... a listed SPD shall be installed in or on all emergency systems switchboards and panelboards."

Reduce equipment damage, replacement, risk and liability. Improve standby system efficiency and reliability with the proper application of Surge Protective Devices.

However, they need to be the Right SPDs placed in the Right Locations to deliver the Right Results.

Generator Surge Protective Devices Differ

Quality, performance and effectiveness of commercial grade backup generator surge protectors differ by manufacturers. At times, these differences can by quite pronounced.

For industrial, commercial and military environments, there are multiple surge protector designs available. SPDs that effectively protect against multiple types of transient voltage in all modes of the system provide the highest level of protection.

Many SPD manufacturers focus on Reduced-Mode Designs and Impulse Surge protection schemes. However, in terms of overall durability, effectiveness and reliability, true Discrete All-Mode Protection with Full Spectrum ProtectionTM designs are superior.

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RingWaves Damage Generator System Electronics

In commercial and industrial settings, there are multiple surge types found in all phases of the electrical system. SPDs that effectively protect against both Impulse and RingWave transients are needed to provide the best protection.

SPDs primarily focusing on reduced mode, impulse surge protection limit SPD effectiveness. In today's commercial and industrial environments, RingWave surges are typically much more prevalent.

Important Note: Few surge protectors address RingWave transients effectively. This includes SPDs with EMI/RFI Technology. Critical Backup Generator Surge Protectors need to defend against both damaging surge types.

Our unique SPD designs are specifically built to perform against Impulse and RingWave Transients. Protection against multiple surge types with individual protection in all-modes is Full Spectrum ProtectionTM. These are superior performing SPDs for Backup Generators and other standby equipment including:

Backup Generator Communication Circuits

SPDs for Communication and Control Circuits can be overlooked in Backup Generator Systems. Circuits can be either powered or standard data/communication lines. Data Line circuits with external exposure create the greatest risk. Impulse Surge events can be mitigated with the proper application of SPDs.

Leading Technology Design: Get The Advantage

Generator Surge Protector

Get the markets best design and most Advanced Technology with the largest selection of SPD Options for Backup Generator and Standby Generator applications.

10-Mode, Data line, Surge BarrierTM and Advantage® Series units are the most complete SPD available. Expressly designed to protect sensitive and critical power equipment and communication lines. 

High Performance 10-Mode, Data Line and Advantage® Series units backed with industry leading 25 Year "No Hassle" Warranty. For best protection applications, contact us today.

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