High Performance Commercial Grade
Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors

High Quality, High Performance TVSS.High Performance Multi-Phase Commercial SPDs

Install High Quality, High Performance commercial grade Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS) and provide facilities with full spectrum protection devices using the best surge protector options.

TVSS, more commonly referred to as SPD (surge protective device) today, have become increasingly important in commercial facility operations.


The Right SPD needs to be installed in the Right Location to produce the Right Results.

Get the Right Gear!

"TVSS has a definite benefit and now we understand it has to be the right product installed at the right location in order to have this benefit. Not just any TVSS unit will provide the results that we have seen from yours…”

High Quality, High Performance SPDs deliver:

  • Reductions in Equipment Damage and Downtime
  • Reductions in Malfunctions and System Glitches
  • Increased System and Equipment Reliability
  • Increased Catastrophic Protection
  • Increased Bottom Line

Transient voltage is responsible for billions of dollars of equipment damage and downtime annually. Mitigating damaging surges reduces stress on electronics and electrical systems.

To properly protect electronics and electrical systems today require SPDs that mitigate multiple surge types.

High Quality Commercial Grade TVSS Applications

The Right High Quality, High Performance, transient voltage surge suppressors:

High Quality, High Performance, Industrial Surge Protectors. Get the Right Gear!High Quality High Performance TVSS

For the most complete, facility wide, system protection, inquire about our Optimal Protection NetworkTM. Experience reductions in electrical and switchgear maintenance budgets and overall industrial maintenance costs. ROI can be as little as 6 months.

Changes to the National Electrical Code. 2017's Surge Protection Section. Click NEC Surge Protection Updates.

Commercial Grade TVSS Should Defend Against Two
Distinct Types of Surge Damage. Many Don't. Ours Do.

High Quality, High Performance Industrial Surge Protectors. Get the Right Gear!High Quality Commercial 3-Phase SPDs

Quality, performance and effectiveness of transient voltage surge suppressors differ by manufacturers. At times, these differences can by quite pronounced.

In industrial environments, there are multiple surge types present. SPDs that effectively protect against both Impulse and RingWave type transients in all modes, provide the highest level of protection.

Many SPD designs primarily focus on Impulse type protection. However, in commercial environments, RingWave surges are found to be much more prevalent than impulse type surges.

Critical and sensitive electronics can be severely damaged by Impulse Surges including lightning strikes, grid switches and system faults. However, electronics are increasingly being damaged by constant, repetitive, RingWave transients.

Impulse only SPD designs, even with EMI/RFI filtration, are not effective in preventing damage from RingWave Transients.

Sensitive electronics need Full Spectrum Protection Designs. All SPDs are Not created equal. Not all SPDs provide full protection.

High Quality, High Performance Medium Voltage Surge Protectors. Fusing Options Available. Click Here!

All SPDs can perform on paper. The real question is... do they perform in real world applications?

Do they protect effectively against all transient surge types?

Some SPDs do. Some SPDs don't.

Our SPD designs are specifically built to perform against both Impulse and RingWave Transients...

Commercial Grade Surge Protector Testimonial. Get the Right Gear!

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Industry Leading Product Warranty...

A product warranty should include not only manufacturing defects, but also include unit failure while protecting your equipment against surge activity.

If the manufacture doesn't stand behind the product beyond manufacturing defects, what good is the warranty? Our Advantage Series unit Warranty covers both defects and failures for 25 Years.

Best Surge Protector - Surge Suppression Warranty. Industry Leading No Hassle 25 Year Policy. Get the Right Gear!

Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors
Quality + Performance. Get the Right Gear!

High Quality, High Performance Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors deliver:

  • Reductions in Equipment Damage and Downtime
  • Reductions in Malfunctions and System Glitches
  • Increased System and Equipment Reliability
  • Increased Catastrophic Protection
  • Increased Bottom Line

The Right SPDs in the Right Locations will provide the Right Results.

We provide High Quality, High Performance SPDs and SPD Options that deliver Full Spectrum Protection.

Our AdvantageTM Series design, features, safety and Warranty are industry leaders.

High Quality, High Performance Surge Protector Videos. Must See!

Don't settle for imitators when it comes to protecting your critical systems and bottom line.

Choose the leader in Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors.

Our gear is... often imitated... but rarely duplicated...

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High Performance Commercial Grade Surge Protectors. Get the Right Gear!High Performance Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors. Get the Right Gear!

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