Lightning Strikes

From an electrical infrastructure standpoint, direct lighting strikes are not the only lightning event that can result in damage. Protect building wiring, electronics and electrical equipment from all forms of lightning strikes. Get the Right Gear!TM

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Direct Lighting Strikes

Direct Lightning Strikes are by far the most powerful, most dangerous and most damaging form of transient voltage. These surge events can have energy exceeding hundreds of thousands of volts and currents exceeding hundreds of thousands of amperes.

Lightning Damage is often the result of direct strikes to a power system, data or telecommunication line. Surge damage can also be induced by strikes to a facility structure or nearby separate structures that are connected by a common data, telephone or power line.

In 2019, according to the Insurance Information Institute, over $900 million was paid out in damage claims to homeowners alone.

However, these types of direct strikes are only part of the dangerous, unpredictable and damaging Lightning Strikes Equation.

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Ground Strikes and Cloud to Cloud Lighting

Nearby lightning strikes to ground and cloud-to-cloud lightning are dangerous to unprotected buildings and structures as well.

These lightning events can create very strong and damaging surges that can wreak havoc on electronics, equipment and electrical systems.

These strike scenarios are generally not as severe, damage wise, as direct strikes to a building structure. However, they can be just as dangerous to unprotected, sensitive, electronic equipment.

Strikes to earth ground can produce very strong transients. Ground surges produced from nearby strikes can destroy electronics and damage electrical systems. Nearby ground strikes enter through energizing facility grounds, equipment grounds or any conductive materials (pipes, conduit etc) connected to buildings or other structures.

Distance cloud-to-cloud flashes can also produce damaging transients in the electrical distribution system.

Cloud-to-cloud lightning is capable of inducing electrical field intensities of thousands of volts. If this happens across an unprotected power, telephone, data or coaxial lines, the result can be equipment and system damage.

Direct Strikes + Nearby Strikes + Cloud to Cloud Strikes = The Lightning Strikes Equation.

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Lightning Strikes Defense. High Performance SPDs

Rarely does lighting strike once. It's usually multiple, almost simultaneous strikes. With the potential for lightning damage to occur with each storm event, its critical to have sensitive electronics and electrical systems protected.

Lightning rods are structural protection equipment designed to mitigate the damage to commercial, industrial and residential structures. They play an important role in an overall lighting protection system.

However, without the right lightning surge protectors (correctly installed), it's unlikely valuable and sensitive electronics will survive these dangerous and damaging surge events.

The National Lightning Safety Institute (NLSI) recommends installation of surge protection systems. Lightning strikes are instantaneously damaging. These events are costly to the entire electrical system. Mitigation techniques should be viewed as a necessity - Not as an option.

Shield against damage by installing High Quality, High Performance surge protective devices (SPDs) and TVSS systems. Robust surge suppressors with high kA ratings, Discrete All-Mode-Protection design and circuit encapsulation provide a distinct advantage over competing devices.

Solve the Lightning Strikes Equation. Prevent damage to critical electronics and electrical systems. Get the Right Results from the Right SPDs installed in the Right Locations. Contact us today!

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