Lightning Damage

Lightning damage can be very dangerous, very unpredictable, very costly and can occur more often than most people realize.

According to a published 2009 report from The National Lightning Safety Institute - lightning damage is responsible for $5 billion (estimated) in insurance losses annually. These losses cover both business and residential scenarios.

It's safe to say, much of the damage is to electrical and electronic equipment. It is also safe to say much of this damage could have been avoided or mitigated with the proper lightning surge protection systems in place.

Using the right surge protection products placed in the right location is an integral part of any lightning surge protection program.

The pictures below show a couple examples of damage resulting from unprotected electrical and electronic systems.

Since the occurrence of this damage - measures have been taken to protect these and additional systems using high quality high performance surge protection equipment.

Sensitive and Critical Electronics Lightning Damage

Using the best surge protector options could
have protected against these damages

Lightning Damage - Blown Circuit Board
circuit board damage

The two images above are a damaged circuit board - front and back view. Notice the burn in the lower left corner of the left image. The second image shows the same damage from the back side.

Lightning Damage - Blown Circuit Board
Lightning Damage - Blown Circuit Board

These two images are of a similar circuit board, but have different damage. Again, the images are views of the front and back sides. Notice the burn damage on the center circuits near the bottom of both images.

The above pictures represent thousands of dollars in equipment damage. The amount of down-time, repair costs and other overhead can add up very quickly as well.

These largely preventable issues; the damaged equipment, repair costs, lost revenues from down-time, increased over-head and loss of overall production - can reach into the ten's of thousands of dollars - if not much more...

It doesn't have to be that way.

Don't allow this happen to your electrical system and electronics. Take preventative action and protect your bottom line.

With high quality, high performance surge protector gear, the above lightning damage could have been mitigated or even prevented.

lightning damage surge protection

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