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Below are quotes from product testimonials of satisfied customers of Surge Suppression, LLC SPDs. Our customers agree. High Quality, High Performance surge protectors deliver the Right Results.

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“There is no doubt in our minds that TVSS has a definite benefit, and now we understand it has to be the right product installed at the right location in order to have this benefit. Not just any TVSS unit will provide the results that we have seen from yours…”


“I looked for a long time for a TVSS product to help us protect our equipment and cut down on call outs during storms. We tried a lot of different surge equipment, but they just did not work – or every time we had a storm we had to replace them. These companies did not stand behind their performance claims or their warranties…Your TVSS products have more than paid for themselves many times over in reduced equipment loss and labor call outs…”

Assistant General Manager
Engineering and Maintenance

"It has been over a year since I had your surge suppressors installed... I can say they have done what you promised. We have suffered no shutdowns or damage to any equipment during this time even though we have had numerous storms in this area..."

Facility Manager

“…The equipment that Surge Suppression Inc. represents far exceeds what competitors have to offer. I was particularly interested in the extra modes of protection offered from their equipment… And the warranty that accompanies their units can’t be touched…”


“Not only have we not had to replace the switches that cost $2500 that we were losing prior to the installation, but also our pc equipment problems have gone away. Thank you for informing us about the multi level protection and the sine wave tracking plug-in units...”

Director of Information Technology

“We feel strongly about the use of TVSS units. In fact, we have incorporated surge suppression equipment into our electrical standards. In addition, we have standardized on Surge Suppression Incorporated…”

Senior Staff Electrical Engineer

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"Since the installation of your surge suppression system on our telephone switch equipment, we have experienced a great improvement in reliability of the critical communications system here. Several severe storms have occurred without any damage or downtime to our phones. We are very pleased with your system and the service we received..."


"I've been through several thunderstorms with lightning and have not received any damage to the equipment protected by Surge Suppression Incorporated SPDs... However, I had a new alarm system installed...and chose not to purchase SPDs to protect them... the alarm system already had surge suppression built into it. During a recent lightning storm no damage occurred anywhere except to my alarm system... Since then...I have ordered the surge protection needed... your stuff works!"


"Because of the protection the TVSS has provided to our systems, we have saved a lot of maintenance expense this year which has actually paid for the TVSS and installation. Even more important, is the down time and loss of revenue we ultimately did not have to deal with."

Computer Operations/Production Control

"We suffered a lightning strike at one of our communications sites where we have several VHF and UHF base stations and repeaters along with ten (10) channel Trunk System. We suffered NO damage! The trunk system never even blinked! No down time at all..."

Electronic Systems Supervisor

"Prior to installation of your SPDs, our parking lot lighting maintenance costs averaged $80,000 per year. Since installation of your products this has been reduced to less than $8,000 per year..."

Maintenance Manager

 “You may remember, my home had been struck with lightning several times resulting in thousands of dollars worth of damage…Well, it has been three years now since you installed my system and I have not had any lightning or surge damage. This is not to say that we have not been struck by lightning… we have been struck several times…but the “system” as we call it, has saved us… I have so much confidence in the system that I have raised my deductible to $2000…”


Product testimonials from satisfied customers help motivate us to keep our gear one step ahead of the competition. The Surge Suppression, LLC mission has always been to manufacture and provide high quality, high performance surge protector gear that deliver real results.

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