Commercial and Industrial Surge Protectors

Install high quality high performance industrial surge protectors (TVSS) and allow your company to reap the benefits for the next 25 years...Guaranteed.

Industrial Surge Suppressors

Using the right product in the right locations will produce real results.

Our High Quality High Performance TVSS benefits include:

  • Reductions in Equipment Downtime

  • Reduction in Malfunctions and System Glitches

  • Increased Catastrophic Protection

  • Increased Reliability and an Increase to your bottom line.

With transient voltage (surges) being responsible for billions of dollars of damage and downtime annually, your systems need protection if they are to continue functioning as desired.

To provide proper equipment protection, we recommend installing the right industrial surge protectors in the right locations that will deliver in-the-field protection...

Not just deliver protection claims on paper.

industrial surge protectorSPD Installed On Top Corner of Cabinet

Commercial and Industrial Surge Protectors
Designed to Improve Your Operation

Using the right high quality high performance TVSS products will:

  • Protect your facility's power system and equipment from catastrophic lightning strikes, grid switches and system faults.
  • Mitigate the constant bombardment of internal transient voltage on your critical systems. Reduce system disrupts, computer glitches, timing malfunctions and premature failure of equipment.
  • Provide options for commercial surge protector configurations: Single Phase, Split Phase, 3 Phase and Delta.
  • Ensure data communication and telephone equipment operations.
  • Reduced electric motor rewinds by reducing insulation breakdown.
  • Provide dedicated load circuit protection. These units are ideal for individual control system cabinets and protecting sensitive VFD's.
  • Provide upstream protection, dedicated protection or both for sensitive equipment and systems as recommended by IEEE.
  • Protect your Security Cameras. We carry CCTV surge protector units for Fixed Mount Cameras with or without Pan-Tilt-Zoom.
  • Protect critical Fire and Burglar Alarm Systems.
  • Protect sensitive UPS Equipment.
  • Protect electrical transformers
  • Protect electrical equipment up to 7200 Volts AC with our medium voltage surge protector gear.

For complete facility electrical and electronics coverage, inquire about our facility wide TVSS network protection system.  Experience reductions in your electrical and switchgear maintenance budget and help reduce your overall industrial maintenance costs.

industrial surge protectorIndustrial Surge Protector Inside a MCC with exterior status light indicator option

SPD's That Surpass The Competition

Determining quality, performance and overall effectiveness of industrial surge protectors can be confusing at times as there are many products on the market to choose from.

With these products come an abundance of marketing literature for you to review. At times this can be a bit overwhelming.

What should be included in these materials are not only the safety approvals (UL or equivalent) but industry defined performance test data results as well.

Medium Voltage Surge Protectors

If the marketing material doesn't include both of these categories - it can be difficult to fully determine quality, performance or safety.

It's also important to carefully review performance claims and the testing parameters used to determine these claims.

Does the protection gear perform on paper and as advertised in the real world or doesn't it?

Some products do. Some products don't.

Rest assured - our gear performs as advertised in-the-field and as documented in our marketing literature.

Our gear is often imitated...but rarely duplicated.

industrial surge protector

Be Safe. Surf the Internet Securely, Privately and Anonymously.

surge suppression warranty

Industry Leading Product Warranty...

A product warranty should include not only manufacturing defects, but also include unit failure while doing it's job - protecting your equipment against surge activity.

If the manufacture doesn't stand behind the product beyond manufacturing defects what good is the warranty? Our Advantage Series unit Warranty covers both defects and failures - for 25 Years.

The longer the product warranty period the better quality and performance you should expect.

The Right Protection Decision

If you're looking to...

  • Reduce Electrical Maintenance Overhead
  • Reduce Down Time
  • Provide Catastrophic Protection
  • Increase Productivity with Improved Reliability

...for the next 25 years or longer - we can help.

We provide high quality high performance products for real world applications.

Our design, features, safety and Warranty are second to none.

Surge Protector Videos

Don't settle for imitators when it comes to protecting your critical systems and bottom line.

Choose the leader in commercial and industrial surge protectors.

Get the Right Gear

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