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Fire Alarm Systems Surge Protection

Fire Alarm Systems are Susceptible to Transient Voltage. Use Fire Alarm Surge Suppression Devices to Protect Against Damage

Fire alarm systems are critical to protecting industry, business, schools and homes.

 If your facility has the security benefit of one of these systems in place… or you are considering implementing such a safety system …it's prudent to protect the sensitive circuits and equipment.

These safety system networks are susceptible to transient voltage damage.

Transient voltage causes damage to electronics and electrical equipment. This damage is responsible for billions of dollars in losses to business's and homes each year. This includes damages to alarm systems.

Don't take chances with the functionality of your safety systems. Get equipment protection that will provide results.

It only takes one external impulse surge event to cause thousands of dollars of damage. These events can leave you without the services of your security equipment instantly.

Over time, unprotected systems can also be damaged by smaller but more frequent internal surges. Internal surges can deteriorate the system's functionality. These types of surges are called RingWaves. RingWave damage can lead to unexplained system disrupts and result in components experiencing premature failure.

Don't overlook the possibility or severity of damage that can be caused by either surge type. Take steps to prevent them from causing your systems any damage or downtime.

If you have an existing alarm system and it contains "built-in" surge protection... be aware. We recommend closely evaluating what the claimed surge protection really amounts to. It may not be the best protection option...

High Quality, High Performance Fire Alarm Surge Protector Testimonial

Again, don't take chances by not protecting your sensitive equipment.

Remember, they are fire alarm systems... not surge protectors.

Typical Alarm System Equipment At Risk

  • Control Panels
  • Sensors
  • Signal Relays
  • Monitors
  • Data/Telephone Lines
Fire Alarm Strobe Lights and Sirens are Susceptible to Transient Voltage. Use Fire Alarm Surge Suppression Devices to Protect Against Damage

Best Surge Protection Options For Fire Alarm Systems

  • Power Systems Protection
  • Data/Telephone Lines Protection

Here are fire alarm control panel examples showing protection networks installed using the best surge protector options.

Damage to security equipment or its' circuits caused by transient voltage is preventable.

If you demand results - we have the gear.

High Quality Fire Alarm Surge Protectors

High Quality, High Performance Fire Alarm Surge Protector - AC PowerDedicated Alarm System Power Surge Protector

Using the right application of High Quality and High Performance surge protector gear will keep your equipment and systems functioning using Full Spectrum Protection.

Our line of SPDs are specifically designed for applications and protection needs of the alarm industry.

Our top of the line Advantage® Series are high quality, high performance devices. These devices employ True-All-Mode Protection. They also include encapsulation technology and use a multi-stage, hybrid network design to provide best protection options.

Industry leading Frequency Responsive Circuitry option is also available with this product line. Including the FRCTM option provides Full Spectrum Protection for critical electronics and sensitive electrical systems.

All high performance Advantage® Series units come with our "No Hassle" 25 Year Warranty.

Our gear is... often imitated ...but rarely duplicated... The Surge Stops Here.

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