No Hassle Product Warranty. Really.

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That's right. No Hassle Product Warranties!


You might not believe they actually exist. Good News. They do. Better News? Our products are backed by them. Best News? You Win with them!

There are many warranties for similar products in the marketplace. Various competitors express how special their warranties are. The truth is, many of those special warranty claims also have special fine print. Things might not be quite as simple or as special as they first appear.

Our warranties are straight forward. We don't claim any down-line equipment replacement guarantee (good luck with those). We cover the SPDs (Surge Protective Devices) and the SPDs only. Warranty covers both manufacturing defects and damage to the SPDs during operation. Warranties even include damage to our devices caused by lightning.

High Quality, High Performance SPDs should be the only SPDs you ever need. However, nothing is perfect. Stuff happens. Below are the manufacturer Warranties. Just in case. One page each. No Gimmicks. No Hassle. Really.

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Get the Right Warranty!

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