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Annually, Damage caused by Transient Voltage over unprotected data lines costs business and homeowners millions upon millions of dollars. Data Line Surge Protectors can prevent this DamageCritical Data Networks Need High Performance Data SPDs

Data Line Surge Protectors are an important factor in safeguarding critical communication equipment, communication lines and network systems.

Annually, damage caused by transient voltage over unprotected data lines costs commercial business, governments and homeowners tens of millions of dollars.

Data Line SPDs are typically overlooked and under appreciated until the equipment they could have been protecting is damaged by a surge event.

The damage and subsequent unexpected costs incurred can be avoided with the proper installation of surge protective devices.

However, they need to be the Right SPDs placed in the Right Locations.

Be proactive. Take protective steps and assure your systems performance, reliability and longevity.

Protect valuable data lines, communication equipment and systems. Get the Right Gear!

Data Equipment & Data Lines Are At Risk

A good rule of thumb to remember is... any data lines that have external building exposure and the connected equipment to those lines are at risk for surge related damage.

The importance of data line surge protection can not be overstated or overvalued. These lines are a direct connect to your sensitive communications and signaling equipment.

For commercial and industrial facilities, these lines can include data line runs between buildings and line runs between external equipment and control centers.

In these scenarios, both direct lightning and nearby lightning strikes present an imminent danger.

Equipment to equipment runs inside an industrial or commercial facility may also be at risk if the equipment is fed from different power sources (substations, transformers etc).

Cabinet with Multiple Data Line Surge Protectors with DIN Rail Mounts For Easy InstallationMultiple High Quality High Performance Data Line Surge Protectors

General equipment types at risk:

Types of data circuits at risk:

Small business and home electronic equipment exposed to transient voltage risks across exposed data lines can include:

  • Cable Modems, Routers
  • Computer Servers
  • Satellite Communications
  • Phones, Faxes
  • Audio Video Equipment
  • Security & Alarm Systems

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The Right Data Line Surge Protectors

SPDs are NOT created equal. If you want the right results, we have the right SPD gear.

Our data line surge protectors employ True-All-Mode protection with a multi-stage, hybrid network design. Individual devices provide protection for speeds of 2, 10 or 100Mbps.

SPD protection speed increases to 1 GB for Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications using Cat5e and Cat6.

Unit operating voltages range from 5 to 140 volts.

SPD Connection options include:

  • Terminal Strips
  • Touch free Terminal Strips 
  • Detachable Terminal Strips
  • Modular Jack (RJ45/14)
  • Conduit Style

Additional SPD Options available include; all-pin-protection, DIN rail mount and 12-24 RJ45 Rackmount.

All high performance units are backed with a 10 Year "No Hassle" or our industry leading 25 Year “No Hassle” Warranty.

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The right High Quality, High Performance surge protector (TVSS) gear will address your equipment protection needs and keep your data carrying lines and systems... carrying data.

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Our gear is... often imitated... but rarely duplicated...

Don't settle for just any data line surge protectors.

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