High Quality High Performance
4-20mA & Current Loops Surge Protector

Low Speed Circuits are highly sensitive to Transient Voltage. Use High Quality, High Performance, 4-20mA Surge Protectors or Other Current Loop SPD's to Defend Against Damage

Use current loops surge protector devices to help prevent damage to 4-20mA Current Loop and other Low Speed Data Circuits.

Typically found in industrial and commercial environments, 4-20mA and Low Speed Circuits are primarily used for sending and receiving signals for data collection.

These signal systems typically monitor or measure such processes as...

  • Liquid or Gas Pressure
  • Production Line Speeds
  • Fluids Flow Rate
  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • Weight
  • Volume

In most cases (90%+) these low speed signals are 4-20mA circuits. Many of these circuit types can be found in...

  • Aggregate Plants
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Parking Lots
  • Security Gate Systems
  • Security Door Systems

...as well as other low voltage application scenarios.

Like other data transmission circuits, these Low Speed Circuits are highly sensitive. Care should be taken to protect against damaging transient voltage that can occur from weather related incidents or internally related occurrences.

Reduce or prevent system disrupts and equipment damage with the proper application of surge protection equipment.

Don't use just any surge protector gear. Use gear that delivers results.

4-20mA Current Loops Surge Protector 
Designed For Quality and Performance

If your business or facility depends on the use of sensor devices including leak detectors, flow meters and transducers (among others), placing the right surge protective gear between the sensors and your equipment is critical for maintaining your systems smooth operation.

By protecting your Low Speed Data circuits, equipment life is typically extended, maintenance costs reduced and increased productivity can result. Reduction or prevention from catastrophic event damage, such as nearby lightning strikes... can be mitigated... if not eliminated.

The Right SPDs

If you demand quality, performance and results from your Low Speed Data Circuit SPDs, our current loops surge protector models are the right gear for you.

Our units are a multi-stage, hybrid-design and are series wired. They provide true Discrete All-Mode Protection and include our Optimal Response Circuitry™.

High Quality, High Performance, Data Line and Current Loop Surge ProtectorsData and Current Loop SPD's

All suppression circuits are coated with our encapsulation technology. This technology is a high dielectric compound that gives our SPDs an advantage over competing devices.

This technology delivers:

  • Increased Component Life
  • Increased Heat Dissipation
  • Increased Circuit Integrity against Vibration
  • Increased Circuit Integrity Against Weather Elements

This combination of design techniques provides your protected equipment with some of the lowest let-through voltage of any 4-20 mA or low speed data surge protector on the market.

Operating voltages range from 5 to 140 Volts with maximum data rates of up to 2Mbps.

All of our units are High Quality and High Performance devices.

SPDs are backed with our 10 Year... or our Industry Leading... 25 Year "No Hassle" Warranty.

Our current loops surge protector gear protects your 4-20mA and Low Speed Data Circuits with the best surge protection options available.

Our gear is... often imitated... but rarely duplicated...

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High Quality, High Performance 4-20mA Surge Protector4-20mA SPD

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