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Security Camera System SPDs

Security Camera Systems Are At Risk From Transient Voltage. Use High Quality, High Performance, Security Camera Surge Protectors to Prevent Damage

Security camera systems are growing in popularity and their technology is growing and advancing as well.

As this technology advances, the circuits inside the equipment depended upon to provide surveillance become increasingly intricate and more sensitive to any type of electrical disturbance.

Security cameras with external exposures are at the greatest risk. Equipment used for parking lot, premise or exterior building monitoring are the very circuits and devices that can be most susceptible to damage.

This damage comes by way of transient voltage, with the most familiar form being lightning strikes.

Numerous types of surveillance camera units or systems are available and in service today. The amount of damage incurred by these systems during operation is mounting as well.

Annually, damage caused by transient voltage costs business and homeowners millions upon millions of dollars.

It's no longer and option. Protect surveillance investment dollars with the best surge protector options using Full Spectrum Protection. SPD designs for business, commercial and home security systems.

If you demand results, we have the Right SPDs.

Don't settle for anything less...

Full Spectrum Protection For Security Camera Systems

Our High Quality, High Performance surge protectors provide a multi-stage, hybrid network design. This design features True All-Mode protection via our Optimal Response Circuitry™.

Many units include suppression circuits encapsulated in a patented, high dielectric, electrochemical compound. This technology helps to assure durability and long component life. Encapsulation provides protection from harsh elements (rain, snow, sleet etc) as well as from any type of vibration.

These unique SPDs provide protection for both fixed mount camera units and fixed mount camera units with Pan-Tilt-Zoom functions.

Regardless of the system configuration, our devices provide the best protection options available.

High Quality, High Performance Series Connected SPDFull Spectrum Protection SPD

SPDs protect data speeds up to 1 GB including PoE - Power Over Ethernet. Unit types available for either exterior or interior environments

If buildings or projects require UL96A (Master Label Lightning Protection) rated protection units, compliant devices can be provided.

The right High Quality, High Performance surge protectors deliver Full Spectrum Protection. These advanced, robust, all-mode protection designs with FRCTM keep surveillance systems functioning when others fail.

All High Performance SPDs are backed with a 10 Year "No Hassle" or Industry Leading 25 Year "No Hassle" Warranty.

SPDs are supported with 30 years of design, testing and in the field experience.

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High Quality, High Performance Power Surge Protectors. Get the Right Gear!High Quality, High Performance SPDs. Get the Right Gear!

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