The Advantage Series SPD
High Quality+High Performance

High Quality and High Performance ARE the product benefits our SPDs deliver.

Below is an overview of our Full Spectrum Protection - Advantage Series - Parallel connected devices.

Discrete All-Mode Protection, Optimal Responsive Circuitry and Superior Patented Fusing are the big horses that help make the quality and performance possible - but they're not the only horses carrying the SURGE PROTECTION load.

High Performance Features

Industry leading Lowest Let-Through Voltage, aka Measured Limiting Voltage (MLV)
Reduced exposure of electrical and electronic equipment to multiple types of damaging surges. Reduces erratic CPU operations, memory loss and aggravating nuisance reboots.
Optimal Response Circuitry
Voltage Responsive Circuitry
Combined advanced componentry, custom board designs & patented fusing methods (ORC). Superior, high energy Impulse Suppression & good RingWave Suppression (VRC).
Frequency Responsive Circuitry
Best RingWave Suppression available. Adds Full Spectrum Protection. Low let-through voltage on all modes.
High Peak Surge Current
Increased survivability. Provides Robust, Durable, Long life Expectancy.
Fast Response Time
Reacts to transients before they reach load equipment. Lower let-through voltage.
Automatic Reset
Continuous Protection. No labor or time involved.
Electrochemical Encapsulation
Consistent performance and durability. Extends component life and prevents adverse effects from enviromental factors.
Solid State Construction
NO MOVING PARTS. Increased performance, reduced cost, less weight with compact size.
Compact Size
Neat, attractive installation. Often installs inside cabinet or panel
Versatile Application
Easy to plan and perform installation. Fewer parts and less time required to install.
Maintenance Free
No maintenance. No testing or special test equipment to buy. No Modules to replace.
Component-Level Thermal Fusing. Patented, Internal Circuit Board Mounted Over-Current Fusing
Provides unmatched performance and safety. Combination of fusing designs make it one of the safest and most advanced surge protective devices available today.
Listed to UL 1449 4th Edition and UL 1283 by UL and CSA Nationally Recognized Testing Labs.
Assures compliance with industry standards for TVSS safety and performance.
Twenty-Five Year Full
Replacement Warranty
No hassle. No Problems. A 100% new replacement unit; NOT refurbished or modules. You'll receive a completely NEW replacement unit.
Internal Product Option... The only one you'll ever need.
Designed for internal mounting in all 4 major gear boards. Eaton Cutler-Hammer, Siemens, GE & Square D.
The best in the industry. Documented Quality Performance!

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Advantage Series High Quality, High Performance Surge SuppressorsIndustry Leader: The Advantage Series SPD

With our quality gear installed in your facility or home, you can rest easier. Your electrical systems and equipment will be protected with the best surge protector options available.

Our product benefits stand alone in the market place. Our SPDs deliver when others can't. When including FRCTM option, Full Spectrum Protection delivers unmatched suppression technology.

Let our High Quality + High Performance gear do the heavy work. They will keep your systems up and running when other devices would have failed.

Don't be fooled by imitators...

Get the Right Gear!

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