Internal Transients
Quietly Disrupting Your Systems
And Damaging Your Electronics

internal transient voltage

Internal transients are created from within your home or given facility. They can be either "impulse" or "ringwave" type surges.

Impulse surges are caused by changes in voltage while ringwave surges are caused by changes in frequency.

These internal surges account for 80% or more of the total surge activity and electrical damage within your facility or home.

These surges are probably the most overlooked and misdiagnosed power quality problem today.

What Causes Internal Transients?

In short, the everyday operation of your own electrical equipment is the cause.

Abruptly changing the current flowing through an electrical circuit produces these surges. The simple act of switching on a light, motor, copy machine or other electrical device creates the abrupt change in current flow on the circuit.

Internally generated transients are either repetitive or random. Switching on a light or copier tends to be random. The operation of variable frequency drives, inverters and HVAC equipment produce repetitive surges.

Typically, switching larger load currents produces larger transients with larger surge energies. Some examples of larger transients producing equipment include electric welders, HVAC compressors, motors and even portable heaters.

They Occur More Often Than You Think

Internal surges can occur hundreds to thousands of times a day in your home. They can occur hundreds of thousands of times a day in an industrial environment.

internal transient voltage

They Are Damaging Your Equipment

Quietly Damaging... Surges occurring thousands of times a day even at low levels are damaging. Slowly but surely they are chipping away at your critical systems. This repetitive damage causes deterioration over time and leads to system disrupts, timing issues, erratic computer performance and eventually hard failure. Most of the time its premature failure.

In addition…

Internal transients can produce immediate damage. Power quality monitoring equipment has shown surge activity as high as 6000 volts right at the outlet. Yes...the outlet.

Bottom Line…

transient voltage

The simple, normal, everyday operation of electrical equipment creates electrical transients.

These voltage and frequency surges will vary in magnitude and duration, so in correlation, will produce varying degrees of damage with each event.

Regardless - these repetitive surges will damage and are damaging electrical systems and equipment.

You can mitigate the effects of these transients - both impulse and ringwave, with high quality high performance electrical surge protector equipment.

Note: Not all surge protection gear protects effectively against both impulse and ringwave transients. Don't be fooled...

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