High Performance
Coaxial Surge Protectors

High quality, high performance coaxial surge protectors help protect sensitive data and signal transfer equipment from damaging transient voltage. Unfortunately, far too often these equipment circuits/lines are over-looked.

Don't over-look these circuits. Use gear that gets results. It's your best Protection Option.

Our coaxial cable surge protectors are designed for use with just about any specified applications using this type of circuit/line. They are built to perform and built to last...

High Quality, High Performance, Coaxial Surge Protectors Defend Sensitive Data and Signal Transfer Equipment from Damaging Transient Voltage

Coaxial Surge Protectors for Business and Home

The Most Common And Familiar Location for Usage:

  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Community Antenna Television (CATV)
  • Cable TV
  • Internet Service (Thin Ethernet)
  • Satellite TV Systems

Common Connected Sensitive Equipment:

  • Security Cameras
  • Cable TV Equipment
  • Satellite TV Equipment
  • Network Equipment: Modems/Routers
  • Radio Equipment

Circuit/Line Connector Type and Typical Use:

  • BNC – Various Radio Frequency Instruments
  • UHF – Amateur Radio, Some Video
  • F – Internet, Cable and Satellite TV
  • N – Broadcast Equipment

Coaxial data circuits/lines can be at high risk for serious equipment damage caused by lightning activity. This is because coax cables typically have external exposure to a facility or home due to the type of equipment they are connected to.

Examples of exterior equipment that these cables usually connect to can include satellite dish's, cable tv boxes and security cameras.

Because these data circuits/lines have external exposure it's important to protect them with the best options available. It's even more important to protect these access points with the right gear, placed in the right locations to get the best surge protection results.

Our units offer high quality protection that employ a series wired, hybrid, low capacitance design using our Optimal Response Circuitry™. This design allows for the lowest let-through voltage possible which equates to high performance and peace of mind.

We also offer protective devices that are UL96A - Master Label Lightning Protection Compliant - should your project or building require that certification.

Additionally, many of our units are designed with the suppression circuits encapsulated in a high dielectric compound to assure long component life. This encapsulation helps provide protection from harsh elements (rain, snow, sleet etc) as well as from any type of vibration.

Protection Options/Features May Include:

  • Data Rates to 1.5 GHz
  • Low Impedance/Insertion Rate
  • F, BNC and N Connectors (Other connectors available upon request)
  • Industry Leading Let-through Voltage Performance
  • Series Connected Dedicated Load Circuit Protection 
  • Compact Size
  • Discrete "All Mode" Circuitry
  • UL 497B Listed
  • UL 96A Compliance Option
Multiple, High Quality, High Performance, Coaxial Surge Protectors Installed Inside a Control CabinetMultiple High Quality Coaxial Surge Protectors

These quality surge protector units are all supported with a "No Hassle" 10 Year Warranty or our Industry Leading 25 Year “No Hassle” Warranty.

Installation of the units is a breeze. The units are typically mounted at the main service entrance area closest to the system ground or nearest the ground of the individual equipment you're looking to protect.

Using the right high quality, high performance coaxial surge protectors will make sure your data and signal transfer equipment continues to... transfer signals.

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High Quality, High Performance Coax Surge Protectors with 25 Year Warranty

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