High Performance Ethernet Surge Protectors

Ethernet Surge Protector

Ethernet surge protector devices provide critical protection for sensitive data communications and transfer systems equipment.

Ethernet technology can include both coax and telephone type circuits and is the most common LAN (Local Area Network) technology used today.

Annually, billions of dollars are lost through damaging transient voltage. Reduced production, damaged equipment and equipment replacement are typically the cost drivers.

Good News! These costs can be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Ethernet transmission cables are a key to virtually all business functionality today. From Wall Street to manufacturing facilities to government entities. These lines should be protected from unexpected and preventable damaging surge events with SPDs.

However, they need to be the Right SPDs installed in the Right Locations to deliver the Right Results.

APS LLC | High Performance Ethernet Surge Protectors

Types Of Circuits We Provide Protection For

  • 10 Base 2 (10 Mbps) Thin Coax
  • 10 Base T (10 Mbps) Cat 3, 4 or 5
  • 100 Base T (100 Mbps) Cat 5
  • New 10 GBase-T (1GB) Cat 5e and Cat 6 PoE

Circuit Connection Types Available

  • Coax Units: BNC, N, F, UHF
  • Data &Telco Line (Cat): Terminal Clamps, RJ-45

Number of Circuits To Be Protected Per Device

  • Coax 1 - 2
  • Data & Telco Line (Cat) 1 - 6 (dependent on connection type)
  • Data & Telco Line (Cat) 12-24 (see rackmounts)

Our SPDs employ True-All-Mode protection. Devices are a series wired, hybrid, low capacitance design using Optimal Response Circuitry™. This provides for the lowest let-through voltages possible. This equates to High Quality and High Performance.

All suppression circuits up to Cat5 are encapsulated in patented, high dielectric compound. This technology assures long component life, protection from the elements, vibration and improves SPD performance.

Rackmount Ethernet Surge Protector Devices

Get the best surge protection options available in a Rackmount design.

Rackmount SPD models are housed within a 12 gauge steel rack panel for durability and longevity.

Like similar SPD models, these unique protection designs provide a distinct advantage over competing devices in the marketplace. Rackmount SPDs are the perfect application for Server and Cable Router Stack protection.

Our unique Rackmount SPD provides for low impedance and incorporates our Optimal Response Circuitry™. Devices are a series wired, parallel connected, hybrid design with true Discrete All-Mode protection. Protection circuits are encapsulated in a patented, high dielectric compound. This technology assures long component life, protection from the elements, vibration and improves SPD performance.

Rackmount features are combined to provide the lowest possible let-through voltages in the industry. These SPDs provide the best protection options available in there class. Choose from 12 or 24 circuit RJ-45 connection Rackmount Surge Protectors. Protection speeds up to 100 Mbps.

The Right Ethernet Surge Protectors

Keep Industrial Ethernet equipment and communication systems functioning by avoiding costly surge related damage. Install High Quality, High Performance Ethernet Surge Protectors that deliver the Right Results.

High Performance SPDs backed with 10 Year No Hassle Warranty or Industry Leading 25 Year No Hassle Warranty.

Our SPD gear is... often imitated... but rarely duplicated...

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