Medium Voltage Surge Protector

medium surge protector

Medium Voltage Surge Protectors should no longer be considered just an option. They should be considered a necessity.

Medium voltage is defined by the IEEE as 601 volts up to 69,000 volts.

Low voltage is defined by the IEEE as 600 Volts or less.

Common voltage levels in the MV category typically range from 2,400 - 6,600 volts.

The higher the voltage used in an environment correlates directly with higher investment costs for electrical equipment. The ongoing maintenance for that equipment and overall electrical system health also correlates in higher costs.

The higher cost of electrical equipment and maintenance only emphasizes the importance of using proper surge protector gear for that equipment.

The use of high quality high performance power surge protector gear to protect VFD/AFD equipment, motors, motor starts, compressors, fans, pumps etc is essential.

Again, protecting your critical systems from transient voltage should not be viewed as an option. It should be viewed as a necessity.

With tens to hundreds of thousands or more dollars invested in electrical equipment and's critical to avoid unnecessary damage whenever possible.

If you consider initial equipment investment, potential loss of income from downtime, repair and replacement expense (for surge related damage) the cost for prevention using high quality high performance surge protector gear pales in comparison.

Installing A Medium Voltage Surge Protector Is Priceless.

It's also the best surge protector option when using the right gear.

4160 motor rewinds can reach upwards of $100,000.00. Reducing or eliminating damaging surges can reduce the number of motor rewinds required while also providing catastrophic protection.

Keep your operation competitive and efficient by avoiding costly damage and downtime. Protect your investment and bottom line.

Our MV units are parallel connected and contain the latest technology with advanced computer design.

Choose from NN (Delta) protection units including: 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 2,500, 3000, 3,500, 4160, 6900 and 7,200 Volts (Wye configurations available - inquire).

These protection units include:

  • Multistage Optimal Response Circuitry ™
  • Discrete All-Mode Protection
  • Component Level Thermal Fusing
  • Circuit Encapsulation
  • Application Options
  • Enclosure Options
  • Disconnect Options
  • Peak Surge Current Levels Include 40kA, 80kA and 160kA per mode
  • 5 Year or 7 Year Warranty

Watch the video below for additional information about our Compact Medium Voltage Units...

Let us help protect your electrical equipment and systems. Using our Medium Voltage Surge Protector gear is an incredible value with priceless benefits.

To learn more about our company and products - view our short informational videos.

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