Protect Automatic Transfer Switches
With High Performance SPDs

Protect Sensitive ATS with High Quality, High Performance Surge Protectors. Get the Right Gear!High Performance 3-Phase Surge Protectors

Protect Automatic Transfer Switches with High Quality, High Performance Advantage Series TM surge protectors. These unique SPDs provide Full Spectrum Protection for critical ATS equipment.

Transient Voltage is responsible for billions of dollars of equipment damage and downtime annually. ATS equipment is no exception.

Reduce ATS equipment damage, repair and risk while improving system efficiency and reliability with the proper application of Surge Protective Devices (SPDs).

However, they need to be the Right SPDs placed in the Right Locations to deliver the Right Results.

In many ATS applications, SPDs are now a NEC requirement.

ATS Surge Protectors Should Defend Against Two
Distinct Types of Surge Damage. Many Don't. Ours Do.

There are multiple surge types present in commercial and industrial environments. SPDs that effectively protect against both Impulse and RingWave type transients in all modes, provide the highest level of protection.

Many SPD designs primarily focus on reduced mode, impulse surge protection. In today's commercial environments however, RingWave surges are typically much more prevalent than impulse surges.

High Quality, High Performance Series SPD. Protect Automatic Transfer Switches with Full Spectrum Protection Designs. Get the Right Gear!

Important Note: Few surge protectors address RingWave surges effectively. This includes protectors with EMI/RFI Filtration Technology. Critical ATS gear need surge protectors that fully protect from both Impulse and RingWave type surges.

Our unique SPD designs are specifically built to perform against both Impulse and RingWave Transients. Protection against multiple surge types with direct protection in all modes is Full Spectrum Protection. These are superior SPD designs.

RingWaves Can Damage Automatic Transfer Switches

ATS electronics can be damaged by RingWave surges. Most RingWaves go past a standard surge protectors Impulse or Fixed Clamping protection circuitry. Fixed Clamping is not designed to mitigate RingWave transients effectively. EMI/RFI circuitry is not designed for effective RingWave transient protection either.

A SPD with both Fixed-Clamping and EMI/RFI circuitry only amounts to Partial Protection.

20% of surge related damage is caused by External sources. 80% of surge related electrical damage is caused by Internal sources. Most Internal surge activity are RingWaves.

Don't settle for partial or 20% protection when Full Spectrum Protection is available!

Protect Automatic Transfer Switch Data Circuits

SPDs for Data Line and Communication Circuits can be overlooked in Automatic Transfer Switches. Data Line circuits with external exposure create the greatest risk. Direct or nearby lightning strikes can be mitigated with the proper application of SPDs in these scenarios as well.

However, they need to be the Right Data Line SPDs installed in the Right Locations to deliver the Right Results.

Full Spectrum SPDs for Automatic Transfer Switches

Install High Quality, High Performance surge protectors that lead the industry.

High Quality, High Performance Surge Protector Testimonial. Get the Right Gear!

Advantage Series protection devices employ true All-Mode Protection with Optimal Response CircuitryTM. Multi-stage hybrid network design includes patented Electrochemical Encapsulation Technology.

Optional Frequency Responsive Circuitry delivers Full Spectrum Protection that other SPDs cant.

The Advantage Series are ideal for protecting critical ATS and other industrial control systems. These devices provide the most advanced technology and largest selection of SPD Options available today.

SPDs backed with 10 Year or Industry Leading 25 Year "No Hassle" Warranty.

Get Full Spectrum Protection. Protect Automatic Transfer Switches with SPDs that deliver Real Results.

Our gear is... often imitated... but rarely duplicated...

The Surge Stops Here.

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Commercial Grade, High Performance Surge Protectors for Automatic Transfer Switches. Get the Right Gear!High Quality High Performance Surge Suppressors. Get the Right Gear!

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