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High quality high performance laptop surge protector and travel surge protector gear? Yes. We have it.

Now so can you.

With the increased popularity and flexibility of notebook, iPad and Kindle type computers today, it's the best option to make sure you're taking precautions. Safe-guard your equipment from damage that can be caused by power surges.

Using our portable gear is a great option.

Don't rely on the switch-mode power supply unit (black rectangular box) that accompanies your computer power cord to save you - or to even help...

Because it won't.

The switch-mode power supply can be the weakest link of your entire computer equipment's accessories.

The quality of the switch-mode power supply can be suspect and this can easily result in damage not only to the power supply (switch-mode) but the laptop, Kindle, iPad or notebook computer as well.

This is why protecting your notebook, iPad, Kindle or laptop is an important decision. It's your best protection option.

It's important because you never know when or where you may need to plug-in your equipment. It can be very difficult if not impossible to know how clean or dependable the power is at any particular location at any given time.

Don't take chances.

Laptop surge protector. 2 outlet surge protector.2-Plug Protector

A dead battery can be frustrating. However, there is nothing worse than plugging your computer in at the local coffee shop, restaurant or bookstore outlet and a short time later taking a hit from a power surge.

That can be very expensive.

Don't let that happen.

Use the right travel and portable surge protector to provide your equipment the right protection.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for a travel unit or a unit for home - we offer the right high quality high performance gear.

Don't choose just any protection equipment for your computer and communication devices.

Use gear that delivers real results and provides real piece of mind. Our laptop surge protectors will reduce a 2kV (2000 Volts) ringwave surge down to 37 volts.

Laptop Surge Protector Design

Our portable travel units are a direct plug-in, dual receptacle product. These units provide True All-Mode protection and optional enhanced Frequency Responsive CircuitryTM (Sinewave Tracking). They are a series wired, parallel connected hybrid design for the ultimate in effectiveness.

A voice grade phone/data line protection circuitry option is also available as well as coaxial data line connections.

Our unique design also incorporate both individual component level and phase level fusing for ultimate safety.

Units available in standard 120 Vac - 15A configuration.

Six outlet corded home/business models with data options are also available as well.

All high performance units come with our "No Hassle" 25 Year Warranty.

Using the right laptop surge protector equipment will deliver results and give you piece of mind.

Plug-in your iPad, Kindle or notebook computer equipment with confidence at home or on the road.

travel surge protector

Protect your travel and portable electronic investments...

Get The Right Gear

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