High Quality High Performance
Computer Surge Protectors

Computers Are Susceptible to Transient Voltage Damage. Primarily from Ring-Wave Surges. Use High Quality, High Performance, Computer Surge Protectors to Prevent this Damage.

For critical PC protection, use high quality, high performance computer surge protectors. These unique SPDs provide Full Spectrum Protection for critical and sensitive computing and process control systems.

Choose from a High Quality line of High Performance computer surge protectors:

  • Protect critical computer systems and other sensitive Industrial Controls using high performance, individual equipment and industrial panel protection units.

  • Protect small business or home PC and electrical equipment with high quality, high performance panel units.

  • Use portable surge protectors for notebook computers or laptops and be protected on the go.

Computer Surge Protectors Should Defend Against Two
Distinct Types of Surge Damage. Many Don't. Ours Do.

High Quality, High Performance PLC, Industrial Controls and Individual Equipment Surge Protector. Protect against Both Voltage and RingWave Surge Damage.PLC, Micro Controller & Industrial Controls SPD

Today, all circuit-designed equipment is susceptible to transient voltage. Chips of all shapes and sizes in your equipment are loaded with tiny sensitive electronic circuits. These circuits can be damaged by sudden large surges or by constant, repetitive lower level surge activity.

Computing systems have become increasingly at risk as PLCs and other process controls systems become more and more demanding. Computers are increasingly susceptible to the transient voltage environment found in today's industrial facilities.

PC equipment and other types of electronics produce damaging transient energies. These transients are known as RingWaves. RingWaves are frequency based and can be as damaging over time as the more familiar over-voltage type surges.

High Quality, High Performance, Plug-In Computer Surge Protectors. These Units Protect Against Damaging Voltage and Frequency Type Surges. Many SPD's Don't. Ours DoHigh Quality Plug-In Units

Important NoteNot many surge protectors truly address RingWave surges effectively. This includes SPDs that provide EMI/RFI Filtration Technology.

When RingWaves are present and applied surge protectors don’t address them, the critical equipment suffers unnecessary damage. The results are higher operating costs and less efficiency.

Critical and sensitive equipment, especially complex computer systems, need surge protectors that fully protect them from multiple types of transient activity.

SPDs that effectively mitigate both Impulse and RingWave power surges are high quality, high performance.

Many SPDs don't provide high quality RingWave suppression technology. Our SPDs do.

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RingWave Surges Damage All Types Of Computers

Computers Are Susceptible to Transient Voltage Damage. Primarily from Ringwave Surges. Use High Quality, High Performance, Computer Surge Protectors to Prevent this Damage.

PLCs, CNC Machines, VFDs and other computer systems are being damaged by RingWave surges.

RingWave transient energy is going right past a standard surge protectors impulse or fixed clamping protection circuitry.

Fixed clamping circuitry is not designed to mitigate RingWave transients effectively. Fixed Clamping is designed primarily for impulse type transients. EMI/RFI circuitry is not designed for effective RingWave transient protection either.

A SPD with both fixed-clamping and EMI/RFI circuitry only amounts to partial protection.

Effectivenesss... High Performance RingWave Protection Design vs Fixed-Clamping with EMI/RFI Protection.

20% of surge related electrical damage is caused by external (impulse) sources. 80% of surge related electrical damage is caused by internal surges. Most internal surge activity are RingWaves.

Don't settle for partial (20%) protection when Full Spectrum Protection is available.

Full Spectrum High Performance
Computer Surge Protectors

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Choose High Quality, High Performance surge protection equipment.

All Advantage Series protection devices employ true All-Mode Protection and use a multi-stage hybrid network design. Optional Frequency Responsive Circuitryavailable. This type of circuitry is often referred to as SineWave Tracking.

FRCTM is the unique technology that helps deliver Full Spectrum Protection that others cant.

Advantage Series units are ideal for critical PC and Control systems protection. All units backed with our 25 Year "No Hassle" Warranty.

Make sure to get the best available technology and SPD Options for computer protection.

Get Full Spectrum Protection. Use Computer Surge Protectors that deliver real results.

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High Quality, High Performance Computer Surge ProtectorsHigh Quality High Performance 3-Phase Computer Surge Protectors. Get the Right Gear!

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