High Performance Computer Surge Protectors

Computer Surge Protectors

Install high quality, high performance computer surge protectors for critical computer protection. These unique SPDs provide Full Spectrum ProtectionTM designs for sensitive computing and process control systems.

 Inquire about proper application of High Performance computer surge protectors:

  • Protect electrical and electronic systems at disconnects and panels with Industrial Grade units.
  • Isolate low-voltage, microprocessor circuits and Industrial Controls with Individual Circuit units.
  • Protect small business and home PCs, electronics and wiring with High Quality, High Performance Panel units.
  • Directly Safeguard laptops, Ipads and phones at the receptacle level with Plug-In | Travel Surge Protectors.

Computer SPDs Should Defend Against Two Distinct
Types of Surge Damage. Many Don't. Ours Do.

Today's electronic equipment is susceptible to transient voltage. Chips in equipment are loaded with sensitive circuits that can be damaged by sudden large surges or by constant, repetitive, low level surge activity.

Computing systems are increasingly at risk as PLCs and other process controls become more demanding. Computing hardware is susceptible to transient voltage environments found in today's industrial and commercial facilities.

Critical computing devices need surge protectors that effectively defend against both high voltage Impulse surges and lower level, repetitive RingWave surges.

Important NoteFew surge protectors address RingWave surges effectively. This includes SPDs with EMI/RFI Filtration Technology. Our SPDs do. Our devices lead the industry with Full Spectrum ProtectionTM.

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RingWave Surges Damage Computing Systems

Computer Surge Protection

ATS, PLCs, CNC Machines, RTUs and other computer systems can be disrupted and damaged by RingWave surges. Most RingWaves get past standard fixed clamping protection. Fixed clamping circuitry is not designed to mitigate RingWaves effectively. EMI/RFI circuitry is not designed for RingWave protection either.

A SPD with both Fixed-Clamping and EMI/RFI Technology only amounts to Partial Protection. System disrupts and damage can still occur.

20% of surge related damage is caused by External sources. 80% of surge related electrical damage is caused by Internal sources. Most Internal surge activity are RingWaves.

Don't settle for 20% protection. Prevent disrupts and damage with Full Spectrum ProtectionTM applications!

Computer Surge Protectors: Full Spectrum Design

Computer Surge Protectors

Install computer surge protectors that lead the industry with High Quality and High Performance.

Advantage® Series are the most advanced SPD available today. Discrete All-Mode Protection, Optimal Response CircuitryTM and Advanced Multi-stage, hybrid network designs stand alone. Optional Frequency Responsive Circuitryprovides Full Spectrum ProtectionTM technology not found in other SPDs.

SpecPro, 10-Mode and Advantage® Series SPDs provide superior technology, designs and SPD Options. Devices are ideal for protecting critical computer systems and are backed with 25 Year "No Hassle" Warranty.

For sensitive, individual circuit, low-voltage applications (120VAC/DC ≤ 30Amp), apply Surge BarrierTM Series units.

Contact us for critical computing system applications. Install the Right Computer Surge Protectors at the Right Locations and get the Right Results.

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