Experiencing Common Symptoms of Transient Voltage?

Below we've provide a brief list of some of the most common symptoms of transient voltage activity within industrial and commercial facilities.

Many times, these symptoms are overlooked and seen as acceptable general wear and tear.

This confusion is affecting your bottom line and efficiency...and it's preventable.

Don't continue to view these symptoms as the cost of doing business.

Transient voltage is the most misdiagnosed power quality problem today.

We'd like to help you identify some of these common symptoms and help provide the solutions via our questionnaire.

Reduce your long-term cost of doing business...get the right gear.

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Transient Voltage Questionnaire

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Electronic and electrical equipment damaged by storm, grid switch or system fault?
Need to re-boot or re-program software in PLC's?
Need to replace critical equipment boards?
Need to replace lamps and electronic ballast often?
Security or Fire Alarm glitches or failures?
Damaged electronics involving emergency generator equipment?
Damaged VFD's or unexplained VFD behavior?
Need for frequent motor rewinds to do winding burn?
Electronic and electrical equipment damaged by storm, grid switch or system fault?
Need to "shut down" during storms?
Need to re-boot or re-program software on PC's?
Telephone or Data equipment failure during or after storms?
Need to reset UPS system after use of electric equipment?
Shortened UPS life and/or less-than-stated battery life?

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