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POTS or Plain Old Telephone Service is commonly referred to as standard phone lines or analog lines.

These are the familiar circuits and lines used by business and homes primarily for voice communication. This leads to the general classification of voice grade. Today, it's considered an old technology.

However, data, fax, internet and other types of communication still depend on this technology. Even though the technology is considered somewhat outdated, it continues to be heavily used and is very reliable.

In some instances, the reliability and reasonable cost of Plain Old Telephone Service can be an advantage over newer types of communication systems. In addition, POTS lines are still available in most areas and are readily available in rural locations.

Lightning Strikes Damage Plain Old Telephone Service Equipment

Regardless of the use for this type of communication line, it's vulnerable to transient voltage activity. POTS lines should be protected as they provide a direct pathway for expensive equipment to be seriously damaged. The primary culprit for serious damage comes from direct, indirect or nearby lighting strikes.

Protect telephone lines near the service entrance of the building by installing a properly designed POTS Surge Protective Device (SPD). This installation location helps mitigate the chance the surge moves beyond this point and further into the structure.

A second SPD nearest the sensitive equipment is recommended for additional protective measures. This provides an additional layer of protection per IEEE recommendation. It's best practice protection for business phones, home phones, computer systems or other line connected communication equipment.

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High Performance POTS Surge Protectors

Get the Right POTS surge protection. Install High Quality, High Performance surge protectors that deliver the Right Results.

Advanced telephone surge protectors employ a multi-stage-hybrid design and include true, Discrete All-Mode Protection. All units designed for 100kHz with shield to ground option.

SPDs deliver the lowest possible let-through voltages and provide robust 20kA per pair peak surge current.

Devices allow for connection via Detachable Compression Box Terminals and include DIN Rail Mount or Standard Surface Mount.option.

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High Quality, High Performance SPDs are backed with industry leading 25 Year No Hassle Warranty.

The best surge protection options secure POTS systems functionality and reliability. Leading SPD designs are backed with 30 years of design and field experience and supported by the industry's most experienced staff.

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