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When surge related disrupts, downtime and equipment damage are unacceptable Get the Right Gear!TM Install High Performance, All-Mode, Parallel Connected 3-Phase, 120-208 WYE Surge Protectors.

SPDs incorporate patented, internal, circuit-board mounted, over-current fusing with component-level, thermal fusing (SCCR 200kA). Fusing, circuit-board and protection components are Electro-Chemical Encapsulated.

Both Voltage Responsive/EMI/RFI devices and advanced Microprocessor/Server Grade Protection devices are available for WYE system location categories A, B, C.

Available options include: Enclosure Type, Hub Type, Hub Location, Status/Alarm Indicators, Disconnects.

General Loads: Voltage Responsive/EMI/RFI

Type 1, Type 2, High kA, EMI/RFI, Multi-Stage, Hybrid Design, built to protect general loads and building wiring from high energy, external surge events. Applications intended for main service panels, distribution panels, branch panels, motor control centers and individual equipment disconnects.

Microprocessor/Server Grade: SineWave Tracking/FRC

Type 2, Advanced Sign Wave Tracking Models (Optimal SignWave TrackingTM | Frequency Responsive CircuitryTM) specifically designed for electronics and microprocessor applications. Industry leading RingWave (internal switching/oscillating transients) Protection Circuitry. Combined with All-Mode Designs and Voltage Responsive Technology, these 3-Phase, 120-208 WYE Surge Protectors provide superior protection.

Application points: MMCs, distribution panels, sub-panels and equipment disconnects feeding critical electronic process systems.

3-Phase 120-208 WYE Surge Protector Advantages

High Performance (10 Mode), 3-Phase, 120-208 WYE Surge Protector Designs incorporate Discrete All-Mode Protection. This means individual protection elements in all modes. In a WYE system, there are 10 modes: 3 L-N, 3 L-G , 3 L to L and N-G.

Discrete All-Mode Protection is recommended by ANSI/IEEE Std. 1100-2005. Design improves SPD durability, longevity, reliability and performance.

Additional Design Advantages:

  • Multi-Stage Voltage Responsive Technology Design
  • Multi-Stage Advanced SineWave Tracking/FCR Technology Design (Full Spectrum ProtectionTM)
  • No Moving Parts. No Mechanical or Electro-Mechanical/Thermal Over-Current Protection
  • Encapsulation Technology
  • 25 Year No Hassle Warranty
  • Listings may include: ANSI/UL 1449, UL1283, UL 96A Master Label, CSA, ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing Facility by NQA

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Get the markets best design with Advanced Technology and largest selection of SPD Options for 3-Phase, 120-208 WYE Surge Protectors.

SpecPro, 10 Mode and AdvantageĀ® Series units are the most complete SPDs available today. Expressly designed to protect sensitive power equipment and critical electronics from surge related damage the competitors miss.

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