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High end digital televisions and theater systems do not come cheap…

Depending on the HDTV model you choose they can run anywhere from around $400.00 for a 19 inch LCD to $1,400.00 for a 42 inch Plasma TV up to $7,500.00 for a 72 inch LCD.

If you decided to go with a Rear Projection Laser type unit your running around $7000.00.

That's some serious money for the "latest and greatest" in televisions.

Add to this scenario a DVD player, surround sound, video game system, cable or dish receiver package and all kinds of other cool stuff and the next thing you know, you have yourself a huge home theater investment.

Protect an investment like this from damaging voltage surges - both external and internal surges - with the best TV surge protector options.

Best Surge Protector Options 
HDTV Or Home Theater

The best option is a multi-level protection approach for the power and data/coax or telephone protection for your communications or signal transfer lines.

If you have invested large amounts of money into your system, surge protection should not be single tiered (one plug-in unit) on the power side. That is not the best protection option.

Using a tiered approach for the power provides the ultimate in home HDTV and theater system protection because you have two levels of surge protection vs. a single point of protection at the outlet only.

Placing a high quality high performance whole-house unit on your service entrance (main panel) protects the entire building from large surges entering in the first place. By itself, it's a better overall option than a plug-in unit.

This is a great TV surge protector option first step. However, this alone may not be enough protection.

If you've spent thousands of dollars on your HDTV and/or theater systems you need to be sure you're doing all you can when it comes to the best protection options.

All surge suppressors have "let-through" voltage. Let-through voltage is what remains after the surge suppressor reacts to a surge event. Depending on the size of the surge event, remnant voltage of various sizes will pass into the system.

Depending on the quality of surge protector you are using will also have an effect on the amount of remnant voltage passing through your system.

A quality secondary surge protector plug-in unit used down-line from the panel should pick up the remaining damaging voltage that can occur after a large external surge event.

If you are only using a single protection layer - that remaining voltage hits your electronics.

Using a multi-layer approach provides the best surge protection option.

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Do not forget about the signal lines. It's also a good option to protect your cable lines or telephone lines at the service entrance with high quality high performance gear.

If you protect all incoming lines and choose the right gear to accomplish this…then you'll have a protection package you can depend on.

To accomplish this protection design, don't use just any protection gear. Use gear that gets results.

Choose high quality high performance surge protection gear that provides true Discrete All-Mode Protection and a multi-stage hybrid-design.

Request our Optimal Sinewave Tracking ™ circuitry for the industry's best ringwave suppression and get the absolute best protection for your sensitive electronic systems.

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All of our high performance units come with a 25 Year "No Hassle" Warranty.

Protect your HDTV and overall system power by providing a tiered approach with top-notch home theater surge protectors.

Follow-up the power protection with high quality high performance surge protectors for cable, telephone line or satellite.

Enjoy the best surge protection options while enjoying your home theater experience.

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