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Today, much like a conventional oven, refrigerator or other common household appliance, the modern microwave oven has sensitive electronic circuits that are susceptible to transient voltage.

As this appliance continues to advance with different and improved options the amount of electronic circuits involved continue to decrease in size and increase in sensitivity to voltage disrupts.

It doesn't matter if you use Whirlpool, GE, Haier or other brand in your home or office their electronic designs are comparable and should be protected from both external and internal transient voltage. Doing this will help assure their continued and dependable operation.

Avoid the possibility of costly repair or the need to re-purchase. Get the Right Gear.

Best Microwave Surge Protector Options

A great protection option is to use a high quality high performance surge protection panel unit at your service entrance.

This option provides direct first level protection for your entire electrical system. Your home or business will be protected from external surges entering your facility in the first place as well as protecting against internally generated surges.

This scenario is especially effective if your microwave is connected to a dedicated circuit. This allows for individual isolated protection by circuit from all other circuits in your facility.

If the microwave is fed from a secondary panel the same protection application applies. The panel and circuits within the secondary panel will be isolated and protected by installing the correct surge protector.

You can choose from a standard protection unit or add our Frequency Responsive CircuitryTM (sometimes referred to as sinewave tracking circuitry) for the absolute best ringwave protection available.

So by protecting your incoming power panel - not only do you protect your microwave oven, but the rest of your electronics and electrical system in general with one unit.

High Quality

Our panel units provide True Discrete All-Mode Protection with a multi-stage hybrid network. Again - the unit can include our Frequency Responsive Circuitry™ as an option for superb  ringwave suppression.

All high performance units include our 25 Year "No Hassle" Warranty.

If you demand real results from high quality and high performance surge protection gear…we have it.

Choose surge protector gear that delivers real results.

One unit can help protect your microwave and the rest of your system all at the same time.

Get the Right Gear.

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